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About service Goodfin

+- Why is it called Goodfin?

The word “Goodfin” is the abbreviation of “good finances”, because our portal helps customers choose the best offer from those presented on demand.

The service does not issue micro loans, but it helps the borrower quickly obtain a short-term loan to the credit card in the shortest possible time. Here are the best offers of financial institutions in the Philippines.

+- How to choose a financial company on the website?

The site presents the offers of a large number of companies operating in Mexico. When choosing a company for a microcredit, we recommend paying attention to the following factors:

  • conditions to obtain a loan;
  • fee for using a loan, that is, interest rate;
  • loan limit;
  • loan term;
  • company valuation.
+- Can I trust the opinions about companies on Goodfin?

Of course, opinions were written by real people who have been able to use the services of loan organizations and the services of the Goodfin portal.

Registration and obtaining a loan

+- What is the loan rate and are there any hidden charges?

The daily rate for using a loan is on average from 0,01% to 2% per day, but it all depends on the financial company, the amount, the duration of the payment and other conditions with which you need to familiarize yourself with the credit agreement.

+- How long does it take to receive money on a card?

The application review time is 5 to 60 minutes. Funds after approval will be credited to the card within 2-5 minutes.

+- How does the credit history affect the credit receipt and is it possible to improve it?

Thanks to the credit history the lender can assess the level of financial responsibility of the applicant. If the borrower previously paid overdue loans, or did not pay the debts at all, his credit history will be spoiled and, therefore, bank confidence will also be reduced. The credit rating can only be improved by timely payment of the current debt. That is, you should take short-term loans and pay them on time without delay.

+- What could be the reasons to refuse a loan?
  • the provision of false information;
  • high debt burden;
  • non-compliance with the requirements of a financial company;
  • the presence of existing delays;
  • lack of income.
+- Who can take a loan?

Philippine citizens over 18 years. The maximum age of the recipient of the funds cannot be more than 70-80 years (depending on the company). You must have documents for the application and a cell phone.

+- How to get a loan?

You can apply for a loan this way:

  1. First, from the list presented, it is necessary to select the appropriate version of the product and click on the “Get” button, after which it will be directed to the microfinance company website.
  2. In the loan calculator, make a preliminary calculation of the loan and then indicate your name and telephone number for communication and confirmation of the registration. The received code must be entered in a special window.
  3. Then, complete a form indicating the personal information about the borrower: passport number, date of birth and other information. It is also necessary to give your consent for data processing and provide information about the work.
  4. At this stage, we indicate the number of the bank account to which the funds will be sent. You must also indicate the place of residence.
  5. In the final stage, you should wait for a call from a specialist and then receive the money in the account.
+- If I want to receive money in cash, is it possible?

The methods to obtain cash may vary according to the loan company. You can get money in cash at some companies.

+- Will they give a loan to the unemployed?

Thanks to loyal requirements, almost all Philippine citizens can get a loan, including those who have an unofficial job. But if the borrower has no source of income, he will be denied a loan.

+- Is it necessary to have proof of income?

Most companies do not require proof of income.

+- How much can I count when applying for a loan?

The average amount to receive is $4000 to $20,000 PHP. Maximum amount is up to $50,000 PHP.

Loan repayment

+- What is the extension and restructuring of loans?

The extension (prolongation) allows the borrower to extend the repayment term of the loan provided that interest accrued before is paid. During the restructuring, a new loan agreement is written for the client under new conditions that allow him to pay the debt. A restructuring is executed only with the consent of the creditor, in case of a prolonged delay and for obvious reasons.

+- What happens if I don't pay the loan on time?

If the debt is not paid properly, the client will be charged a higher interest at a rate of approximately 3% per day.

+- Is it possible to extend the loan?

It is possible for a client to extend the contract, but not in all companies.

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