Non Collateral Loans

Maximum amount
Maximum amount
4000$ / 10000$
91-121 days
pay pay
Maximum amount
10000 / 25000 PHP
up to 90 days
pay pay
5 minutes

A cash loan in the Philippines without collateral and prepayment can be issued for any purpose. In this case, to obtain an amount, it is not required to provide guarantees from guarantors.

What I need to take a loan without collateral?

All you need is  to have a stable income and be registered at the place of residence in the region in which you plan to take a quick cash  loan without collateral and prepayments.

We are helping you to search a loan amount from 15’000 PHP to 150’000 PHP ,with a  term from 1-2 months up to 120 months. So you can take a loan with an instant approval even:

  1. If you don’t have an official job.
  2. If there is no property and guarantors.
  3. If you have a bad credit history.

What I need to be prepared to?

Taking a personal loan without collateral, be prepared for the fact that organizations or local banks will check your credit history. If something is not okay, it is likely that you will be refused. By giving a loan without prepayments and guarantees of repayment and thereby increasing the possible risk of non-payment, the bank compensates this condition by increasing the interest rate of the loan. At the same time, one should not expect that this will be a large loan for a long period. The bank will subsequently be able to recover funds from the borrower-debtor in court, but this will take a lot of time, during which the financial burden for the credit institution will increase.

Each bank tries to protect itself from non-payment, therefore, not all age categories can count on a proposal of a loan without collateral – as a rule, banks cooperate with clients from 20 to 65 years old with a stable income.

It is important to pay attention to the state of your credit history. If there were delays in previous loans, the probability of failure by the bank will increase, and if there are outstanding debts, you can hardly count on an unsecured loan without prepayment.

Why it is profitable to choose your website?

Because we don’t present any particular company. Our searcher allows to compare the companies and choose the best loan without collateral in the Philippines. The amount of the loan, prepayment and surety, as well as the term will correspond to the specified parameters, and you just have to compare them for each proposal in order to choose the best option of no collateral loans:

  • If you have decided on the best one, you can proceed 24 hours to submitting an application by clicking on the tab of your interest;
  • the program will redirect you to the bank’s website, where you will have to fill out personal data and send your request online.
  • After that, you just need to wait for a response from the organization (as a rule, a message about a decision arrives within a few minutes in the form of SMS to the specified phone number).

If all the conditions suit you, the only thing that remains is to sign the contract and receive the money.

No collateral loan: what are the features?

The main feature of the non collateral loan with no check is that you do not need to use a pledge of property (real estate, car, etc.) and find the guarantors. A loan is issued without prepayment and, as a rule, on the same day  you submit an application. The procedure for obtaining such a non collateral loan is similar, but the conditions under which it can be issued can vary significantly.

How to choose an offer without collateral and prepayments?

In order not to experience difficulties in selecting an unsecured loan, we advise you to use the convenient online search engine on our site. You can set your own parameters regarding the following:

  • loan amount,
  • the term of payments and approval,
  • special conditions (as for example if you are unemployed etc.).

The program will give you offers that match these conditions, but vary in interest rate. On the right you will see a list of non collateral loans in the Philippines in your region, while the most advantageous offers will be located at the top.

Where can I get a loan without collateral?

In order not to waste your time visiting the bank’s office, you can apply online on our website. You can apply simultaneously for a personal loan without collateral, prepayments and guarantors to several banking organizations. Each application you send does not oblige you to anything, but after you will know exactly where to get a cash loan in the Philippines no collateral.

5 useful tips for those who will take a loan without collateral

  1. An economy of time: if you do not want to spend time issuing guarantees, this is your option;
  2. The possibility to compare the interest rate of each fast loan without collateral and choose the lowest one.
  3. Using the online application form on our website, you can go directly from home to the preliminary stage of obtaining a loan and receive money.
  4. You spend less time! Despite the fact that the interest rate on an unsecured loan may be higher than that on a loan secured by a similar amount and term, it will be easier to take it in terms of preliminary preparation.
  5. In any case, the decision is always yours, and an online application submitted on the Internet does not oblige you to do anything if for some reason you change your mind.

3 things you have to do before take a loan with no collateral

If you want to be a “good borrower”, you will definitely try to independently increase your credit rating. For example, before applying for a loan without collateral in the Philippines, you can check yourself on the portal.

  1. If suddenly you find yourself in the lists of debtors, it is advisable to pay off the debt as soon as possible.
  2. Take care of your credit history. Today, a good credit history opens the door to any banks and microfinance organizations..
  3. Strive to develop good habits. One of them is to repay debts on time.

And just the last from us: if you ruined your credit history, then do not sit back. Time after time you need to get small loans and repay them regularly. Information about your successes will be transmitted to the credit bureau and each successfully paid loan will have a positive impact on the credit rating.

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