Loans with No Requirements for Unemployed

Maximum amount
Maximum amount
4000$ / 10000$
91-121 days
pay pay
Maximum amount
10000 / 25000 PHP
up to 90 days
pay pay
5 minutes

Today, most large financial institutions provide loan services with standard conditions, which excludes the issue of money to the unemployed with a bad credit history. But don’t despair! Search for loan in the Philippines with no requirements, using our web site.

Microfinance organizations offer the opportunity to apply for a cash loan in a short term without refusing and providing income certificates. Moreover, the presence of a bad credit history is often not an obstacle.

Get your loam in the Philippines without requirements

  • Fill out the form
  • Choose the amount and term of the loan
  • Wait for approval
  • You will become money on your bank card in 15 minutes

Get money now! Quick cash loans for unemployed in the Philippines is your real chance to save the financial situation.

5 Reasons to take loans for unemployment with us

  1. All operations are carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of the Philippines.
  2. Free of charge mailing service. You consent to the processing of personal data and we send your data to many financial organizations that select the loan for you under the best amortization conditions.
  3. Loans for unemployed in the Philippines are available online. You do not have to leave the room: a bank or organization will contact you, and you do not need to come to the office with documents and guarantors.
  4. Instant cash receipts and card transactions. You just have to choose the best offer for you.
  5. We are trusted by thousands of customers.

We are here to help you! Find with us the best offer ad get instantly a loan for unemployed on more favorable terms.

Advantages of loans for unemployed people

Some organizations offer unemployed and debtors to obtain an instant loan on a card in cases where the client does not have a permanent official place of work, is suspended from it for various reasons, or has got in a difficult life situation. Benefits for customers are:

  1. The processing and repayment of a loan is fairly quick, without providing a large package of documents
  2. At the same time, the client needs just a passport and, depending on the method of receipt, the wallet or card number.
  3. Loans for unemployed people are designed for the clients who are not officially employed and are not able to use the credit products of republic banks;
  4. When applying, information about the work and supporting documents, such as a statement of incomes or an employment contract, will not be required;
  5. Depending on the method, the requested amount can be given not only in cash, but also in a non-cash way.

Is there any disadvantages?

Going to take a fast loan for unemployed just remember:

  1. Not every microfinance organization offers unemployed citizens the opportunity to obtain a loan;
  2. Most likely you become a small amount of cash. This is due to the fact that the financial organization is seek to protect themselves from dishonest clients.

Conditions for obtaining a fast loan for unemployed

Most lenders provide simple and loyal terms for receiving personal loans for unemployed by their clients, and they are similar to general conditions. In this case, the lack of a permanent place of work may affect:

  1. The terms of the loan. Usually for unemployed clients they offer loans with short terms;
  2. The amount of cash issued for use is minimal;
  3. The value of the interest rate of the microloan, which rises in comparison with standard conditions.

What I have to do to apply for a loan?

As a client of every financial organization we represented, you client will need only a passport (sometimes a second identification document is provided).

To obtain an online loan for unemployment, you must:

  • Decide on organization, choosing the most attractive option for you;
  • Read the terms of the contract;
  • Send an application by indicating the amount, the method of receipt and all the required data in the application form;
  • Wait for a decision. If the application is approved, you will receive funds after signing the contract.

Which companies give loans to the unemployed in the Philippines?

Not too many financial organizations provide this kind of services to clients who are not officially employed. The possibility of obtaining loans to unemployed without requirements depends on a number of factors, among which the credit history is not the last. Since the lender does not require almost any documents from the client, a bad or good credit history can affect the decision.

To increase the chances of obtaining a loan, it is recommended to apply not in one organization, but in several.

Most lenders conduct online work around the clock, which allows the client to seek help at any time convenient for him. It is recommended to apply for fast loans for unemployed in one organization, which allows you to gradually increase a positive credit rating. This contributes to a more loyal attitude of another financial intermediaries in subsequent customer requests and to offer more favorable conditions in the future.

Can I get the money today on my card?

Almost all lenders have the ability to issue funds not only to the card, but also in cash or by transfer to an electronic wallet. If approved, the client can use the bank card of any credit card that belongs to him. When you first receive funds, the card must be verified on the site.

Be careful with the documents you sign

Never sign a single document until you familiarize yourself with its contents. Carefully, preferably armed with glasses and a calculator, study the details of your no requirements loan agreement.

  • Read the paragraphs in small print especially vigilantly.
  • Do not be shy to ask direct questions to the representative of the lender and do not be afraid to clarify and ask again.
  • Remember the proverb: “look before you leap.”

Do not overestimate your capabilities and do not take several personal loans for unemployed at once.

As a rule, credit institutions, due to their specifics, are prepared for the fact that you will not be able to repay the debt in a timely manner for a number of objective reasons. To reduce risks, banks and MFIs create reserve and insurance funds. No one will sacrifice their own benefit for the good of you.

Why my application was refused?

Unemployed people and those clients who have irregular incomes may receive online loans for unemployed, however, in some cases, lenders are forced to refuse to issue funds. The main reason for the refusal is that the client has delays on payments of the debts in the past at other organizations or banks.

The decision to lend a money to you is based on various factors that allow financial organizations to relatively accurately determine your solvency as a borrower. In companies that issue for unemployed online loans around the clock, the decision is made by an automatic scoring program that evaluates several dozen parameters, based on the data specified in the borrower’s profile.

The presence of a pledge or guarantor can improve the chances to become a loan for the unemployed without proof of income.


Loans with approval in 1 hour, express loans, loans in cash or online with a bank card are often the only option for those who do not have an official place of work. The offers we’ve collect for you here bring you benefits such as a short application review period and the efficiency of the provision of funds. Apply now and get your money instantly!

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