Loans for Pensioners

Maximum amount
Maximum amount
4000$ / 10000$
91-121 days
pay pay
Maximum amount
10000 / 25000 PHP
up to 90 days
pay pay
5 minutes

After retirement a person still has many needs. Don’t deny yourself in nothing. Taking loans for pensioners is easy and possible around the clock.

Does every pensioner can take a loan?

Since you borrow money for a short term, the upper age limit is often absent. In that way problems with the issuance of loans for retirees usually do not arise, since this category of citizens has a fixed income in the form of a pension.

How to get a pension loan online?

To get an online loan, pensioners only need to take the following actions:

  1. Choose a lender’s organization. You can do it both independently and with the help of our service. The second option will significantly save time, nerves and will allow you to get a truly profitable financial offer.
  2. Submit an application. There is nothing complicated in applying for a fast pension loan in the Philippines. It is enough to select an offer and press the corresponding button opposite it. It is possible to submit several applications at once, while choosing several lenders.
  3. Fill out the form. In the questionnaire, it is necessary, among other things, to indicate the mobile phone number and details of the account data, credit card or electronic wallet where the money should be transferred.
  4. Upload the picture of passport. As the main document for obtaining a loan for pensioners in cash, a passport is required, so you must scan the main page before you send an application.
  5. Wait until the application is considered. This will happen on the day of treatment, and usually it takes no longer than 30 minutes.
  6. Sign a pension loan You can do this also online, simply by sending a verification code received by SMS.
  7. Get the money. The required amount will be received as specified in agreement.

If you urgently need money, if you are looking for where to borrow an amount instantly – visit our loan selection catalog. Here you will find the best offers from 50+ lenders in the Philippines, so you can solve all your financial problems quickly and profitably.

Terms of loans to pensioners

Since the main risk is associated with the problem of preserving health and life, most lenders usually offer insurance programs additionally to the loan. Being insured, you can not only get more chances for a positive decision on the pension loan in the Philippines, but also choose more favorable conditions.

Requirements and documents for obtaining pension loans

Besides scan of your passport you may be asked to provide a certificate from the Pension Fund. On this depend following aspects:

  • interest rate by issuing the loan;
  • an opportunity to borrow money for a longer term;
  • whether you need to provide additional documents or no.

Some lenders offer online personal loans for pensioners on the card instantly on preferential terms. In this case, you must provide a passport and a pension certificate or another proof of income. If you are still working at retirement, there may be requested other official papers.

You can receive a retirement loan in person by visiting a branch or through the online account. Also many companies offer free of interest loans for pensioners at the first time, to attract new customers.

Will I become a loan with negative credit history?

Depends on the lending policy of the financial organization where you apply for it. Usually, loans with delay in repayments are not a reason for refusal. But still try to see that all previous debts are paid.

Will they give me a loan if I already repay other loans?

Depends on the credit load. A large number of loans for pensioners in the Philippines with low income will raise questions. But a single credit card with an average income will not affect the decision of the lender.

Can I become a loan without official employment?

For lender, it is important that the borrower has a steady, stable source of income, and where does it come from, it is not so important. You can try to apply for a loan for pensioner with one of the following types of incomes:

  • normal salary,
  • social allowance,
  • pension, annuity and more.

If there is no income and the lender finds out about it, then probably your application will be refused.

Is it safe to apply for a loan in Internet?

Yes, be sure. All the information you provide will be transferred to the lender through secure channels, so an accidental information leak is excluded. Then, if a credit company transfers data to third parties, it will be done only within the law. We list all the cases in which an information about the borrower can be transferred to third parties. Most often, such options appear:

  • at the request of state and authorized bodies;
  • by consent of the user;
  • to provide additional services;
  • to protect the rights of the company if the user has violated the contract.

If you have a doubt, it is better to write a statement to the lender about your wish to remove of all data from the system after closing the contract. But at the same time, you will lost all the privileges of a regular customer.

What to do if lender has refused a loan?

Credit companies do not comment on the reason for their decision, so the borrower will not be able to know exactly why his application was refused. Through the main reasons can be:

  • a negative credit history,
  • a large pension loan amount with low earnings,
  • a low scoring rating due to age, marital status, social status, place of work, etc.

If an application was refused, you can try to apply once again choosing  another credit company which practices a different rating system, or just wait a couple of weeks or a month. Each application is displayed in the Bureau of Credit History, this reduces the credit rating.

Conclusion: it is possible to get loans for pensioners on a card or in cash urgently. Moreover, the amount will depend on the size of the pension.

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