Loan Companies

A detailed information on the most popular microfinance (credit) organizations is provided on our site. If you want to receive detailed information about any of these organizations, as well as read user comments about microcredit companies, before selecting a loan follow the links below:


Microfinance organizations are a new approach to lending to the country, which began to be popular several years ago. Due to the growing demand, the number of offers in the financial market has experienced great growth. Virtually every month, new market participants appear, while others cease to exist due to too high competition. However, several young Microfinance Organizations have also been successful, our country encourages improvement in this direction in any way possible, and this gives the newer the opportunity to occupy leading positions.

The site provides a directory of stable and proven institutions. These institutions carry out their work in the field of loans over a period of different time. There are organizations that made their appearance during the formation of the microfinance market, others have less than a year in this sector. The most important thing is that all microfinance organizations included in this list are legal and decent organizations, whose activities are based on the following principles:

  • Open work with clients: everyone can have access to legal information on the site, become familiar with the comments and the cooperation system.
  • Transparency of interaction with customers: only microfinance companies that do not charge additional fees for services, insurance and other services are represented here. You can familiarize yourself with all the conditions in the loan agreement before signing it.
  • Speed ​​of service: the list includes microfinance organizations that quickly consider applications, make decisions and transfer money; This is one of the main advantages of his work.
  • Accessibility to services: with the appearance of the Microfinance Institutions, the country has greatly simplified the loan process, now it can receive a loan from 18 years (21 years), without proof of income or employment, at the age of retirement.

How to choose a suitable loan company?

The more offers on the market, the harder it is to decide which microfinance company to give preference to. Here is a list of all national companies with a successful development boom in the field of microcredit, these companies use standard terms of cooperation and a good reputation. However, to make a choice and know which of them will become the most convenient financial partner, it is necessary to highlight the following factors:

  1. Terms of the first loan. If you need a large amount, but you have never made a request at a microfinance organization, search the list for the company that offers the highest credit limit for newbies.
  2. Interest rates. This factor is usually the main one when choosing a company, since customers do not want to overpay. Pay attention to companies that offer interest-free loans for new users, but be prepared for restrictions on the loan amount.
  3. Maximum credit limit If you need a relatively large loan, but not fast, select the service with the largest credit limits. It will be necessary to make several small loan applications to be able to opt for a large loan.
  4. Loan duration Standard terms are one to thirty days, but if you need money for a longer term, select a company that meets this condition. There are few companies of this type, but there are.
  5. The reputation of the institution. Before beginning cooperation with any institution in the financial market, you should carefully examine its reputation. Pay attention to the comments on the site, check with customers who have already taken a loan, learn about the company in principle.

Below, we present all the microfinance companies in our country that will offer a helping hand in a difficult situation. For cooperation to be profitable and productive, it must be responsible for microcredits. Most negative comments are based on the fact that the customer does not return the time and receives a fine.

Siempre was able to pay part of the fee to make a payment before it was scheduled; this is an excellent way to improve. Credit organizations will return to tell you the interest and they will have to pay less for using the fondos. Select a reliable financial assistant from the following companies, follow all the terms of the agreement and solve your material problems in just a few minutes.