Emergency Loans

Maximum amount
Maximum amount
4000$ / 10000$
91-121 days
pay pay
Maximum amount
10000 / 25000 PHP
up to 90 days
pay pay
5 minutes

Got into a difficult situation when you urgently need money, but nowhere to take it? Use our searcher to get an emergency loan in the Philippines.

Everything is extremely simple:

  • Choose the appropriate conditions;
  • Go to the website;
  • Apply and get a loan without refusal.

Yes, do not forget your passport! Without it, you will not become any emergency loan. Consideration of applications is fast, the submitted MFIs practically do not refuse money. The table shows you the offers with lowest interests – we have collected the best deals from different financial organizations in the Philippines (Pilipinas).

Who can apply for a loan?

Requirements for borrowers by all financial organizations are minimal:

  • Availability of permanent registration.
  • Age of majority.
  • Legal capacity.
  • Citizenship in the Philippines.

As you see, it is possible even to get emergency loans in the Philippines with no job. The amounts are issued throughout the state, so there will be no problems for those who live in remote cities.

What you need to get an emergency cash loan

Most organizations are issue money only by passport. In rare cases, you may request another identity document like a temporary residence. But normally, without a Philippine passport, emergency loans will not be approved. Also you may have a monthly incomes statement or another proof of source of incomes.

Is it possible to get a loan without checks and calls to a credit card?

Some organizations offer their clients the opportunity to receive personal loans instantly, without additional calls and checks.

Calling customers and clarifying their information like the amount of monthly incomes is not the “style” of MFIs. Normally banks do this, in addition to card transfers, many organizations provide easy loansin cash.

Let’s go over the features of emergency loans on the card

To get an easy emergency loan for unemployed could be presently the best financial support. Requests are often done only online, and there are many advantages:

  • Automated verification system.
  • Automatic transfer of funds.
  • Minimum human participation in making a decision.

You will obtainan emergency cash loan without many calls, guarantors and additional documents. This is a great option for those who need money here and now, and there is simply no time to spend it on tedious conversations with bank employees.

There is also a category of loans without interest. This is most often the first request for a small amount, which will allow you to get acquainted with the conditions, and for companies – to find out whether you will pay or not. Often, such loans do not exceed 5-10 thousand pesos and are issued for 5 – 7 days.

How long takes the verification?

Almost all finance organizations work instantly and around the clock. This means that you can get approval for your emergency cash loanapplication at any time convenient for you. Without a long registration, collection of documents and many of the “delights of bank lending” you get your money urgently 24 hours a day.

Some services with automatic approval can send you a decision on approval in just 5-10 minutes. This is convenient in cases where money is urgently needed.

5 reasons to take a loan without checks and calls

There are exactly 5 important reasons why working with financial organizations is beneficial for you:

  • You get an emergency loan without a call from the bank manager.
  • Frequent issues of  in the same organization significantly soften lending conditions.
  • Approval without guarantors and identity verification;
  • No extra documents.
  • Minimum requirements.

Where will a quick loan be issued?

Each organization has it branches in the most significant cities in the Philippines. Rarely, more than one day passes between the application for emergency loan online and the decision. And three days is a kind of record. This is due to the automation of the process.

It takes several minutes from the moment of filing the application until it completely goes into the system. Then the program analyzes the information received and issues a verdict.

Why credit history doesn’t matter

People who have never worked with a financial organization on requesting an emergency cash loan, but have made delays in repayment to the bank, often ask themselves: “I’m denial everywhere, who will give me a loan with such a terrible credit history?”

When dealing with this private organizations, credit history, of course, plays a role. But not as big as you think. With a bad credit history, they may well give out a small or even medium amount of emergency loan if you provide data on your place of work and income received.

A large number of MFIs have an online emergency loan robot. This is such a program that allows to automatically check the data that customers send, process it and make decisions. The algorithms for such robots are different, but in the majority they are aimed solely at checking whether you made delays previously in repayments to this particular company.

And if you think that you will not get an emergency loan for unemployment because of a bad credit history, then you can look at the list of organizations and find those ones that work with clients who have bad credit history. By the way, each repaid debt will have a positive impact on your history, and after 3-4 repaid loans, banks can start working with you again.

Is it possible that my application will be refused?

Despite the fact that microloans without specialist calls is a risky business, and many organizations consciously take risks, some categories of clients are still refused in receiving emergency loans online. Reasons for that could be:

  • You provided false data.
  • You have unpaid debts in this company.
  • You didn’t pass any other criteria.

Who else can get a refusal?

The chances are also not high for the following categories of borrowers:

  • people of retirement age;
  • unemployed people;
  • people who have just reached the age of majority.

In general, an emergency cash loan is available to employed citizens of the Philippines, or others who has a regular income. The approval percentage for these categories is the highest.

But if you get a refusal, you should not think that this story just coming to an end.

A quick tip: if you were denied, you can go in two ways:

  1. Apply for an emergency loanin another organization.
  2. If the conditions of the first one are convenient for you,try to apply once again later.

In both cases, you have an approximately equal chance of success. Turning to another company, you can get approval, as well as contacting later, when the borrower selection algorithms change. But it will still be faster to find another lender.

Why can I need it

An emergency personal loanis a modern and reliable financial instrument, which, with the right approach, allows you not to experience financial difficulties. It is enough to present a passport to get the necessary amount to a bank or credit card. You will pay interests, but the diversity of offers allows you to find the best conditions for yourself and not overpay too much.

You need a passport to confirm your identity and sign up a contract, as well as to confirm that you are already 18 years old. As you can see, everything is extremely simple and transparent.

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