Good Finances is the financial supermarket number one in Philippines that offers information on the financial services of banks, insurance companies, investments and microfinance. On our site we publish reliable and up-to-date information on banking and microfinance structures. We do not represent the interests of any of these institutions. The service does not issue loans, credits, insurance, etc. All relationships between the client and the financial company are made on the official Internet platform of the latter.

The website Goodfin.ph does not collect and does not store personal data of users, nor does it transfer this information to third parties. All the information available on the platform is informative and is not a public offer.

Good Finances: comparison of financial proposals

The best offers of financial institutions and banks are included in our portal. The website gives you the opportunity to quickly distinguish the necessary categories of financial services, to have a notion about the amount of interest rates, time limits and requirements for the client.

With regard to loans, we can say that these services in most credit institutions are available to clients who have already reached 21 years. However, there are organizations that provide a good start for credit history starting at age 18. Such factors as guarantor, pledge, official employment and proof of income increase the chances of approving a loan for a large amount of money. In microfinance companies you can apply for a loan with just a passport without leaving your home.

We offer information only of companies that officially operate in accordance with applicable law. Goodfin.ph operates as an intermediary between credit institutions and clients who wish to apply for a loan. Likewise, we do not guarantee that the client can satisfy his need to receive a 100% loan.

Our platform collects data about companies that are willing to provide services to borrowers with a bad credit history. In this case, we recommend making the loan application in several of these organizations. The approval of the application depends on the quality of the information provided and the status of the credit history. Each institution values ​​the request for cooperation individually. Changes are made regularly in the scoring system and this allows you to obtain approval by resubmitting an application after receiving a rejection.

The status of the application can be known in your account on the official website or by calling the lender’s hotline. To avoid fraudulent activities by the client, the reason for a rejection of the loan application is not disclosed. It is also not easy to determine the reasons. The decision of a rejection can be by the coincidence of a series of negative factors such as risks, the calculation of the limit that are parameters analyzed by the scoring system. The rejection of the application in an organization does not mean the exclusion of possibilities of receiving a loan in other companies.

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